Now offering Data Breach Protection Services through CSR
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Data Storage & Data Protection Services

HIPPA Compliant Highly Secure Storage

Cloud Backup Services

Data Backup & File Recovery... We can automatically back up your servers, desktops, laptops, tablets & smart-phones daily with no effort on your part.


Backup Tape Rotation Services

Backup Data Tapes stored and delivered to you location for your daily & weekly backup data tape rotations.


Air Gap, Data Storage & Archiving

Archive your electronic data to free up valuable Hard Disk Space... This allows you have fast retrieval of needed documents and files when needed.


Cloud Backup Services:

Easy to use, with proven Protection...
...Yet Secure enough to be used by the U.S. Air Force!!


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Lisa M, President, Financial Services Business
I have worked with Bill at Lincoln Archives for many years. When l was in charge of operations at an investment firm, we used their file Storage, File Shredding and Cloud Backup/Recovery. When l started _my own company in 2010 my first call was to Bill to set up an automatic Backup/Recovery system. It was One less thing I had to thing about because I knew my company's data wound be secure, Being in an accounting/tax business secure and safe data is remotely important. Bill got everything set up quickly and easily. Prospective clients were impressed with the high level of Backup/Recovery I had for a start up and l know it helped, and continues to help, with acquiring new clients.

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