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For over 100 Years, The Lincoln Family of Companies have been serving Greater Buffalo & Western New York.
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We call Buffalo, NY our home. But, we also have facilities and/or provide services in Rochester, NY and Tampa, Fl. Our Backup & Recovery Services provide services to small and medium sized businesses up to and including large enterprises throughout the United States. How do you find us? Google the following keyword searches:

What We Do!!

Document Storage, Records Storage, Records Archiving, Document Archiving, File Storage, File Archiving:

We provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emergency, After Hours and Rush Services are also provided.

Document Destruction

Backup Tape Vaulting, Backup Tape Storage, Backup Tape Rotation Services, Computer Backup Tape Storage Tape Vaulting:

Our high security, off-site tape storage vaults are climate controlled, monitored, alarmed and video recorded. Paired with our 24x7, 365 days a year pickup and delivery service via our uniformed security professionals provide a backup solution unequalled in Western New York.

Long Term Data Storage, Data Archiving, Legacy Tape Archiving, Electronic Archiving:

Data is growing at unprecedented rates and on-line storage is not cost effective for inactive, dormant information. Experts in data storage agree that the lowest cost, 'greenest' approach to storing vast amounts of legacy, historical, archival, and legally required data is via tape. Yes ' via tape!

Cloud Back-up, Cloud Backup & Recovery, On-Line Backup, Electronic Vaulting:

Military grade encrypted backup & recovery services provided via Lincoln Archives Backup & Recovery Services, from Lincoln Archives' Data Center in WNY. Your data does not go 'to the cloud' or to 'someplace' or to 'some cloud'. It is transmitted via the cloud and stored in our high security environment. Data is encrypted at your site, is encrypted in flight, and remains encrypted at rest with us. Our highly trained, highly skilled backup & recovery personnel have one goal in mind: to help you recover your data.

Backing-up End Point Devices:

We also back-up and recover information on end point devices such as: Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. You create the policies and manage what your employees back-up. You monitor via our NOC!

Document Shredding, Document Destruction, File Shredding, Paper Shredding, Information Shredding, Information Destruction, Data Destruction:

We provide NAID AAA Certified Document Shredding Services. We provide both On-Site Document Shredding (via our Mobile Document Shredding Trucks) and Off-Site Document Shredding via our plant based high security document shredding facility.

Hard Drive Shredding, Backup Tape Shredding, Computer Tape Shredding:

When you retire your computers you must make certain the data is properly destroyed. Lincoln Archives will physically destroy the hard drives to prevent access by any means. And, when trying to eliminate confidential information from Back-up Tapes total destruction by shredding is the only certain way to guarantee secure disposal. A completed and signed Receipt is supplied to you before we leave your facility. Hard Drives and Data Tapes are picked-up and transported in our satellite tracked, high security vehicles to Lincoln Archives' secure destruction facility. The destruction is performed by our security experts at Lincoln's secure facility and a Destruction Certificate is created and forwarded to you.

The NAID Employee Information Destruction Training Program:

Lincoln Archives, Inc. can perform 'The NAID Employee Information Destruction Training Program' ('Training') for Client. LAI has on staff at least one (1) NAID Certified Secure Destruction Specialist ('CSDS'), who will perform such training. LAI's CSDS ('s) has (have) been Certified by NAID, and is (are) on file with NAID. LAI's NAID Certified CSDS will assist Client in creating a proper information disposal policy, an employee training program, and pertinent documentation to track the program and the training of Client's employees. This training is a tool implemented to assist Client in protecting Clients customer/patient information from potential breach. In the United States, companies are required to protect certain information from accidental breach as as required by several federal laws, including HIPAA, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Regulation S-P, FACTA Final Disposal Rule, Red Flags Rule and HITECH Act.

Invite Friends, Employees & Customers to Securely Shred their Documents in our Mobile Shredding Vehicle:

Lincoln Archives will bring our Mobile Shredding Vehicle to your location and shred all paper documents under your observation. During on on-site Shred Day, our certified information destruction professional will empty the contents of your boxes into one of our large security shredding boxes to bring back to the shredding vehicle. The certified driver uses a hydraulic lift to empty the contents of the security container bin into the shredder, all of your documents are shredded onsite into small unreadable pieces. Our driver views the entire shredding process on the monitor, and we encourage you to view the process as well so you can witness that all of your materials have been shredded. All shredded materials are then returned to our high security destruction facility to be bailed and securely recycled.
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Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Business Resumption Services:

Consulting, planning and implementation of disaster recovery programs are a few of the support services that we provide.

Mobile Power, Mobile Generator, Temporary Power Delivered:

As part of our Disaster Recovery services, as far as we're aware, we have WNY's only Disaster Recovery / Mobile Power Vehicle. This vehicle can be ordered via our 24x7, 365 Day contact system and delivered to just about any location within WNY within an hour or two during office hours, or within a few hours (if after hours). The vehicle is equipped with a power filter, all of the lines, power strips, etc. to allow our client to 'plug in' and 'power up'. The vehicle's diesel generator can power critical systems (i.e.; lights, telephones, servers, hvac, alarm systems, etc.) in a pinch. We can also power residences for our VIP clients.

Other Stuff/Logo'd Items Shredding:

Sure, we like to shred information (documents, hard drives, back-up tapes, x-rays, MRI's, etc.). But, we also shred other stuff! Certain logo'd items, law enforcement security uniforms, etc., should be destroyed before being disposed. We have, we can and we will shred your other stuff!