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My daily and weekly horoscopes have always been free... It seems like as long as I write them, things have a way of always working out in my favor... (selfish huh?)... hehe... However, having a 'party' that brings millions of guests can be quite expensive, so we do offer 'premium services' that customizes the content to THEIR PERSONAL CHART... Updated Daily too... That is what real astrology is all about.

daniel "whelland" dowd

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Astrology Section

The astrology section focuses on YOUR birth chart and how the planets are currently affecting YOU... As well as a general oversight too!! Detailed information.

Astrology Section

Features Section

The features section allows you to do some fun things like casting charts for others... Or to play around with the oracles or other fun pages... It has predictive 'oracles' and information.

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Tarot Section

The Tarot Section contains six different Decks, each with eight different reading types... This has been a very popular feature of the website for years.

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Members Section

The Members section is all about you... It contains your birth information used to cast your personal horoscopes and has pages that show what is going on in your current chart.

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